Opening a Wholesale Account

We are working on setting up the wholesale site! Please hang tight!

Please fill out the form below to get in contact with us!​

Silverado Apparel + Home has been working with boutiques and stores across the country for over 40 years. We work hard to make sure our clients get what they want, whether it be apparel, bedding, or napkins, we are always here to work with you. 

Silverado Apparel + Home appreciates individuality, so our line is highly customizable. Having a wholesale account gives you the ability to work with your sales representative to customize our line so that it is unique to your store. Our website is for retail purchases, and we only provide our staple items so that consumers across the world, may have the ability to purchase our garments. That being said, there will be overlap sometimes in our online items and what you may purchase for wholesale, but that is why we give you the ability to customize. 

Upon approval of a wholesale account with Silverado Apparel + Home we or your sales representative will provide you with the information detailing wholesale products and prices.